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Welcome to Delaware County Emergency Medical Services (DCEMS).

As the primary emergency medical provider for the more than 184,000 residents of Delaware County, DCEMS is a professional "emergency-only" agency provided by the Delaware County Board of Commissioners. We are the second largest provider of Emergency Medical Services in Central Ohio.

Auto extrication scene in Berlin Township.

The Department's Operational Staff is structured into three 24-hour shifts. Each shift consists of two Captains, who report to the Assistant Chief, and are responsible for all daily operations, and a Lieutenant for each of ten ALS crews, each responsible for the operational and clinical oversight of individual emergency scenes. The goal of DCEMS is to provide quality emergency medical patient care to the residents and visitors of our County. DCEMS is an emergency only service, and provides no scheduled transports. In an effort to achieve this goal, we locate our stations in strategic areas of the county to provide service within 4 to 8 minutes of any call for assistance. To find the station closest to your home, check our County Map.

We feel that it is important to understand that Delaware County EMS is a service provided by the Delaware County Commissioners, is operated out of the County's General Fund, and has been for nearly 45 years! We do not, and never will, subsidize our services by asking for you to vote for additional tax levies based on your property values. With an agreement reached between the Board of Commissioners, the City of Delaware, and the Trustees of all 18 of the County's Townships in 1972 when our organization first began, our funding is set in a fashion that allows us to grow along with the County.

Lined up at Grady

The department values it's close working relationship with the local medical community. Our physician medical director, Dr. Khanh Thai, is a board certified emergency medicine physician with Grady Memorial Hospital, located in the City of Delaware. Dr. Thai is an active participant in the department’s CQI and QA programs, the evaluation of the Patient Care Guidelines and treatment modalities utilized by the department. Scott Kravitz is a Physician Assistant, and serves as the EMS Liaison to the Medical Director. Our medical director and department members sit on many different Boards and Advisory Committees within the four primary healthcare systems in Central Ohio.

As a professional department, we firmly believe in retaining educated employees, and many of our members hold formal degrees. We strongly support any employee who wishes to seek educational advancements both through formal degree programs and in EMS related course work. Additionally, we provide our employees with the latest equipment and technology along with progressive standing orders and a competitive salary and benefit package.

Within this website’s different pages you will find additional information about the department’s various operations. If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization please see our employment page for information on how to become a valued part of our progressive customer-oriented team. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!


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